Paul’s Bio

Paul Haddick is a widowed single father of three daughters, and the family has resided in the State since 2006, including the past two years in House District 14.

Paul was born and raised in Southeast Texas. In 1995 he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where he served as a Midshipman, then a Naval Officer, an enlisted Army Interrogator, and finally as an Army Intelligence Officer. He was entrusted by his commanders to tackle diverse complex problems such as counterinsurgency campaign design and tactical collection and analysis operations in Iraq, planning and managing drug interdiction operations on the Texas border with the U.S. Border Patrol, and assisting in the training of Japanese Defense Forces personnel.

Paul completed his Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, with a concentration in electrical engineering applied to the economic performance of innovations in smart grid technologies, renewable energy integration, and transportation electrification. It will not surprise District 14 voters that this is a key part of the origin of Paul’s passion and deep understanding of energy issues. Bringing renewables online is key to Colorado’s contribution to improving the environment and expanding economic opportunity in the state, yet Paul is concerned that many legislators approach the future of energy with too much enthusiasm and not enough knowledge of the complex engineering challenges. As an engineer, Paul will bring his much-needed expertise to decision-making in Denver and seek to implement his vision of Colorado as the nation’s leader in renewable energy and related policy.

In uniform, Paul knew every mission was an opportunity to wisely spend the nation’s treasure and trust in pursuit of our common security. As a veteran and public servant, he’ll treat the investments of District 14 taxpayers with the same respect. Paul understands our U.S. Constitution includes the provision for Congress to promote the general welfare, a concept well outside some current party platforms. Paul has a documented record of embracing continuing education, and since finishing his engineering degree, has focused on macroeconomics, especially including the concepts, laws, and institutions of central banking. Far more than understanding how just one business succeeds, Paul is interested in setting the conditions so businesses, individuals, and the government can all contribute to our prosperity and pursuit of our common good.

District 14 voters will also find Paul brings a common-sense, data-driven approach to all the challenges Colorado faces. Although Paul is running on a party ticket, he won’t let party loyalty dominate his decisions—he’ll go where the facts lead him to address Colorado’s issues, and help lead his party on policy, rather than blindly echoing national party or political action committee talking points. Unlike party candidates in the service of entrenched and often powerfully wealthy interests, Paul’s military service ingrained in him a belief in civic duty and the common good, two considerations that he fears have faded from importance in our public discourse. Just as in a military unit, it is shared responsibility and contributions among all District 14 voters that will help our community thrive, not just for a few, but for the entire community. While political, money-driven national media seeks to separate our city, county, and state into warring factions, Paul believes District 14 voters can and will see through the rhetoric and seek to find common ground and make common sense investments to improve education, the environment, and the economy.

Paul’s daughters are truly the driving force behind his entrance into this Colorado House run. He believes too many political “leaders” have done everything but lead—they cower from difficult decisions and hope that citizens will give them another term for saying the right things while avoiding accountability for doing nothing. Paul knows his responsibility to his daughters is his contribution in breaking the cycle of leaving our kids to pay for today’s inaction. Instead, Paul knows that every taxpayer dollar and public policy must be an investment in the future, ruthlessly scrutinized for its delivery of value, so our collective Colorado prosperity can continue and accelerate. An informed and engaged electorate, given the choice between a results-driven, accountable Representative with a clear vision of the future and one who merely utters a set of old party talking points, will choose to side with Paul.