Crime and Law Enforcement

Everyone will always say they support our police and law enforcement officials—I experienced those same “thanks for your service” moments while I was in a U.S. Army uniform. That thanks must be turned into tangible support. Unfortunately, crime has been rising across Colorado (with the last good statistics available in 2016), including car thefts, assaults, and murders. Our cops are being asked to do a lot of things they shouldn’t have to do, like clearing homeless camps or responding to domestic violence calls. Our social services need to be adequately funded so cops can do the real work of patrolling our streets and investigating crimes. While a lot of smart people are still puzzled about the exact reasons for a rise in violent crime in the state, and especially along the Front Range, evidence points to gangs, heroin, and meth more than any other factors. However, without more police on the streets investigating each case, we won’t know for sure. I’ll always vote for legislation putting more police in our local and state forces, and I’d like to see more veterans make a transition from military to law enforcement. I don’t support spending more on big military-style equipment except for personal protective gear; we need more cops in better body armor actually interacting with our communities, not driving armored personnel carriers.



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