Gun Rights & Responsibilities

All of our Constitutional rights come with equivalent responsibilities, and gun ownership is no exception. My right to Life must also be balanced against your right to bear arms. While I ultimately favor getting semi-automatic weapons, high-capacity magazines, and other weapons I used while in uniform in war zones off of the streets of Colorado Springs, I recognize the right of citizens to keep a handgun for self-defense or a 30-06 for hunting. I applaud those who take the time to get training, get to the range, and keep weapons secure around the house. I don’t support the right of some 20-year-old hothead with a gun fetish to walk into a store and walk out two minutes later with a Glock and ammo. Gun safety and responsibility used to be NRA’s bread and butter, so let’s require an NRA-sanctioned safety course for all new gun owners (with exceptions for military and police), NRA-backed liability insurance for every new weapon, NRA-organized small-arms tactics training, and NRA-branded safety locks and safes for weapons in homes where minors are present. If NRA can’t guarantee you will be a responsible gun owner, NRA should have no role in guaranteeing your right to own a gun.