Military and Veterans

As a veteran, I struggled to find my place following my service. I know there are others in a similar position, and we should be doing more to support our citizen-soldiers. I will always support state efforts to retain our existing military bases. Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, the Air Force Academy, and Buckley Air National Guard Base contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to our local economies through military pay and spending, and they also bring talented, driven young people to our state and supply us with educated, proven older leaders looking to continue public service or start businesses after their military experience. Almost everyone here in District 14 knows someone who served or is currently serving, whether it’s your neighbor, a member of your church, a work colleague, or the guy who fixes your roof. They make our nation, and community, stronger.

In the legislature, I’ll propose ways to make licensing within and across state lines easier for our military spouses and veterans, and expand those principles to all Colorado residents. For example, any of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, or Airmen with a four-year degree has probably already spend as much time in front of an audience teaching as a young student teacher—we should continue to support “Troops to Teachers” as a way to pull these motivated, smart veterans into our communities. I’ll also find ways to support those companies that hire and train veterans trying to find their place in Colorado’s future.