Sexual Harassment and Violence

In the military, I learned that every Sailor and Soldier is equal and valued – paid the same according to their rank, treated the same because of their service. Treating anyone as an inferior because of their sex, a disability, their race, or any other difference is wrong. Plain and simple. As the parent of three daughters, my visceral reaction to any story of harassment or assault is anger and astonishment. I will not accept a situation where my daughters are unable to fully apply their talents to a job because they are scared of their co-workers. I’m astonished that in 2018 we still have to worry about our sons and daughters, spouses and loved ones being treated with anything other than complete respect and honor in their workplaces. I support legislation that prohibits employers from requiring non-disclosure agreements when harassment cases are settled with employees. If a company has a bad public reputation for harassment amongst prospective employees, they’ll soon run out of talent, go out of business, or have to change their ways. I would also support efforts to strengthen protections for anyone who reports sexual abuse, assault, or stalking; their safety is vital to stopping sexual predators before they can do further harm.



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